Newberry & Verch

  • Brevard, NC
  • 12/14/2021
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Through their strong musical traditions of the Ozarks and Canada’s Ottawa Valley, Joe Newberry and April Verch take a little bit of home with them wherever they go.

Verch, best known for two decades of international touring with The April Verch Band and a 2020 JUNO Award Nominee, and Newberry, well-known for his work with mandolin icon Mike Compton, as well as The Transatlantic Sessions and A Prairie Home Companion, say that this collaboration holds a special place in their hearts.  They have enjoyed developing it alongside their other projects, which will continue.

“Joe and I had known of each other’s music for years, but had never met,” Verch said. “We had talked on the phone a few times and felt so confident that we would love playing together, that when some time opened up in each of our schedules, we decided to go ahead and book some shows.  In our first face to face meeting, and that first rehearsal in August, 2016, we knew that we were right. This was going to be special!”

In October, 2016, the pair performed their first concerts, among which were multiple appearances at the Celtic Colours International Festival across Cape Breton, NS.  “By the end of that run, we knew that we wanted to record an album,” Newberry said.  “The music that we make inspires us and we wanted to capture some of that feeling that we were sharing on stage in the studio.”

The result was their debut album Going Home released in 2017.  It's an album that sounds like two old friends who have been playing together for years. In the words of Barry Poss, founder of Sugar Hill Records “Oh, but this is a good one!  Going Home is a simply gorgeous and intimate expression of musical multiculturalism.  Joe and April each bring superb musicianship from their respective Ozark/Appalachian and Canadian Ottawa Valley roots and while they never lose sight of their own unique traditions, their work together also serves to craft an entirely new musical aesthetic, one with its own melting pot integrity.”

Since those first encounters in 2016, Newberry & Verch have carved out time in their schedules for regular tours together, resulting in not only North American appearances but also in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales.  In December 2021 they'll release their second album, a collection of holiday songs and tunes titled On This Christmas Day.

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Americana/Roots | Holiday | World Music/Traditional



April Verch Music

Holiday Cheer & Album Release Concert with Newberry & Verch: Music of the Season from Canada to the Ozarks at 185 King Street on December 14

Growing up, musicians Joe Newberry and April Verch absorbed traditions of home and hearth - in his Missouri Ozarks and her Ottawa Valley of Canada. The holidays have always been a special time of year for both, with the lure of family and friends, festive decorations, gifts under the tree, and always.... music. So now, each year the duo sets out in a modern day sleigh (with four-wheel drive) to perform their eagerly anticipated holiday tour. Original songs join timeless hymns. Stories warm the heart and give a twinkle to the eye. Lively fiddle and banjo numbers combine with traditional dance steps to illustrate happy times when people made their own fun at the holidays, and all year long. Make your holiday concert list, and check it twice... Newberry and Verch are coming to town!

Joe Newberry grew up in a family full of singers and dancers. He took up the guitar and banjo as a teenager and learned fiddle tunes from great Missouri fiddlers. April Verch grew up listening to her Dad’s country band play for dances in the Ottawa Valley. She started step dancing at age three and fiddling at age six. Both Newberry & Verch became masters of their traditions and tour the world with their respective bands and projects. Yet they never forget the roots of their music, that connection to the people in the audience, on the dance floor, to the community sparked by a good song.

For these veteran performers who come from distinct traditions and parts of the world, their collaboration is fueled by their kindred passion for bringing people together to celebrate traditional music. Blues and ballads stem into Canadian regional styles and originals. Their voices blend in harmony, their tasteful instrumentals prove that these masters have nothing left to prove, and then their feet kick up the dust in perfect rhythm...and together, they make you remember why this music existed in the first place.

Newberry & Verch are excited to perform at 185 King Street as part of their album release tour!  They will be bringing along their brand new recording project, "On This Christmas Day" (released December 3, 2021 on Slab Town Records) which features some of the most requested music from their holiday tours!

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Event Notes: Tickets are available for online purchase up until 3:00 pm the day of the show. If you would like tickets the day of show please visit us at 185 King Street anytime after 4:00 pm.
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Ticket Price(s): $20 inside / $15 outside
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Venue City, State: Brevard, NC
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Venue: 185 King Street
Concert Start Time: 6:00 PM
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